Below are samples of the single-ply and double-ply jute ropes I make – popular sizes are 6mm, 5mm and 4mm, but I can do anything you might need.  Also shown is the (b)itchin’ coconut rope I spin up.  And lastly the Original “Rope Balm”.


singleply1ply ropes


2ply ropes

My (B)itchin’ coconut rope!


Rope Balm – the original!

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BTS with Kimber Fox!

One of my favorite models I ever worked with on a repeating basis was Kimber Fox from Austin – she’s now moved to Dallas, and is known as Crimson Fox for her burlesque and modeling work.

This is a very cool Behind-The-Scenes video clip by Winston Lackey several years ago. The shoot was by Jason Harper. Enjoy!

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