About my rope

I have single-ply jute which uses a very fine yarn, and is comparable to the best Japanese rope.

I can make ropes anywhere from 3mm on up to about 8mm. The 6mm size is approximately 1/4″ in diameter and is the most popular size.

My rope machine is something I’ve fabricated myself; it affords me the ability to spin ropes with different characteristics. Besides the variations in sizes, I can adjust the lay – which is how many twists the rope has. A looser/longer lay is like many of the Japanese style ropes – they flow very well in the hands because they are so soft and pliable, but can show signs of untwisting if they are created too loosely.  Alternately a rope with a shorter/tighter lay will be stiffer and denser, and it won’t flow as the same, but will not distort it’s twist like the looser laid rope can.  Generally speaking I don’t craft a rope with an overly loose lay – I recommend something a little tighter, but not so stiff you can’t make it fly.  Your decide!

I also make a (b)itchin’ ™ Coconut Rope (also know as coir) which is very scratchy for specific use.  I don’t know of others spinning coconut rope at this time, and certainly not of this quality.  Don’t forget to look at my assorted rope accessories, such as my beeswax and mineral oil original Rope Balm™ – I’m the first to use that product description.

Please check back for new products, and updates to products as I grow the store.

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