Rope making workshop and demo July 10, East Peoria

New Town, New Scene, New Folks, all very exciting!

Looks like we will be rained out this weekend. I will reschedule for next Saturday the 17th. Same time 10am to 1pm.

I love helping in the BDSM community where I can, and since I still feel like a newbie here, I am offering a free rope making workshop and demo. This is a workshop for folks who are hands on, DIY or just kinky krafters. It will teach you to make your own twisted rope.

I am currently planning to run it on July 10th from 10:00 am to 1:00 pm. In case of inclement weather we will aim for the next day same time. Hopefully it will be early enough before it gets too hot. It is recommended you bring water, a hat, sunscreen, good walking shoes, and a lawn chair if you like.

I will discuss rope making concepts, share making and care tips and give you skills and baselines you can bring home with you to make your own.

If you are planning to spin up rope, please bring as much of the following as you can:

  • fully charged cordless drill
  • extra battery packs at your discretion. There is no power available at the site.
  • clothesline hook
  • 6 “S” hooks
  • Jute twine*
  • Pocket knife or shears.

Either lag bolt open eye, or clothesline open eye bolt (recommended.)

* Hardware store grade or better jute; or cotton string, you will likely need a couple of these per rope. Alternately, I will bring high grade jute yarn you can buy from me for $3/rope. But you do the work! You can also bring skeins of bamboo yarn or other fibers you might be interested in making into rope.

If you have a partner that can help you great otherwise you might want to try to partner with someone there. Without the convenience of your own home setup, having extra hands is good. Masks are to be used at your discretion. I am fully vaccinated I hope others are, and expect that if anyone feels unwell they know better than to attend.

After the general workshop I will give a demo of my rope making machine and setup. Those ropes will be available for purchase afterwards.


Corner of Edmund and Center street, behind the Costco, in East Peoria (These are vacant lots.)

If any questions, please contact me via Fetlife or Instagram (KnotKnormal), or via email (rope at knotknormal d0t c0m)