The Coconut rope is ready!

I’ve finally gotten a chance to spin up some of the raw coconut twine into rope. It’s thinner than my jute at about 4-5mm, and is very gnarly with lots of tooth and has bits sticking out up to 3 or more inches – seriously fuzzy. Please note that coconut is an allergen for some folks, so test it first to check for reactions. It’s difficult to spin up requiring a different setup than my jute, so I’m offering the 30 footers at a slight premium over the 15 footers.

I should have about 20 full-length ropes I can net from my first overseas shipment of coir*. I’ve already ordered another batch for the next round of rope – but it will take a month to get here. If you think you want some get it sooner rather than later. If you’re looking for rope that is different and stands out – this might be it!

* Coir is technically what the fiber is called, though it is from a coconut