My new store is online!

I’ve got a brand new online store, under my Products page, and am using the WordPress shopping cart – you can pay via Paypal’s processing which allows you to pay via your Paypal account, or credit card.  It’s safe and secure, and I never see your payment information!  The cart is a little clunky, but there will likely be an upgrade soon.

I’ve even launched an eBay account for added exposure here:

Thanks to my many customers who’s supported me, given me feedback and helped give me direction.  I simply want to make the best jute shibari rope out there.

From the world of rope, I’m now making two types of rope – double-ply and a new single-ply.  The double-ply is low maintenance and very good – I use double-ply most of the time myself.  The single-ply is a higher maintenance, but is higher performance rope like the Japanese Asanawa, and is very soft, and very light.  Because I make my own rope one at a time, I can mix it up – I  can  offer loose lay, tight lay, 4mm (or smaller) to 6mm (or larger), dyed, natural, etc.  Keep an eye out for my special mind phuck rope coming soon!   Bwahaha!

Stay knotty my friends.