DV8 Takate Hishi

Several months ago I rediscovered Mick and Dee Luvbight’s site just before going to my first OctRoperFest in Austin. (And I did get the honor to meet and chat with them briefly, and very much enjoyed their entertaining performance.) On their site, I ran across a striking tie attributed to Mark from DV8 House in Sydney.

The Luvbight’s had painstakingly taken about 60 photos of the tie and I’d been enamored with it since. I had once tried tying it casually at Temple and though close, it just wasn’t the same. After brushing up on the many subtle nuances, I was at The Element and was able to complete it. I met a nice lady there that we’ll call Jade, and she was willing to bottom for me. I was pretty happy with how it turned out and some of the photographers snapped off some quick shots too so I could look back on it and inevitably pick at it, but overall I’m happy with my first completion of it.

Stay knotty, my friends.