The Element – 101 class

I received an invite to do a basic rope demo for The Element’s WTF 101 class a little over a week ago. I was honored to do so, and I got the opportunity to meet some new friends and new/old friends. Sky-Wahya was one of the new friends, and was kind enough to volunteer for the floor demo. She was new to rope outside the bedroom, and was all smiles during and afterward which is a good thing.
The demo consisted of a box-tie converted to an ebi, then later into a hog-tie. We did some light pain/pressure play as part of the demo, which consisted of pressure points with a bamboo pole. Some of these I knew from previous play, some I picked up from Boss Bondage’s classes (highly recommended if you get the chance.) The pressure play was fairly light though I did find out later she had round bamboo-sized bruises on each cheek of her tush, but that she was happy for the souvenirs!
Overall a great day, met new folks who love rope, and got to play a little. Oh, and I received a request for some custom teal jute (to be addressed in another post.)
Stay knotty my friends.