Teal rope

A new-to-non-bedroom rope fan I recently tied met, gave me a request for some custom dyed rope — teal to be exact. I was concerned about the color showing properly with the light brown jute so I did a test run and it seems to work. I discussed it with some folks before-hand, but there are so many variables, it’s just best to jump in and do an actual trial. 
After letting it dry under tension I spun the yarns into rope at The Element’s Rope and Photo Social. I had a new rig for the rope machine and it worked great. My only problem was the nut driving the machine – me.  I spun the rope a little too vigorously, and it ended up coming out stiff. I’m learning the nuances of the machine and it’s moving and weighted tail, but it looks like it has a bright future ahead of it.
This week I’ll be dying yarns in earnest to make up three requested pieces — I’d forgotten how much fun it is to make rope!
Freshly dyed jute yarns

Stay knotty my friends.