2013 – 1 year in and still ropin’

OK, it’s a new year and I’m about to hit my 1 year anniversary of my first bit of rope bondage!  Who could have thought it was only a year ago I attended that rope bondage class.  (Shout out to Lalia!)  One hogtie later and I was absolutely hooked.  OK, I was hooked before that, but the experience of the class confirmed it.

On to 2013 items.  I’ve been to a couple of gatherings, and I have a request for some custom colored rope – I haven’t done any dyed batches in a while and I admit I look forward to the challenge.  I’ve done a rope demo, met new faces at events, and am helping a new Austin rope group get off the ground.  I’m going to make some rope this weekend at The Element’s Rope and Photo social, and will spin up the teal dyed test pieces I made last night.  More to post in regards to that, and in regards to events unfolding in Austin.

Stay knotty my friends.