The Element – first impressions

Since the premiere play space in San Antonio has closed, there hasn’t been a good rope location for me of late.  I have a good roper friend in Austin who sometimes gets together with some of her friends and has a small party.  They’ve been kind enough to invite me along and I’d bring my tripod and we have a good time hanging about – happy bunnies, happy riggers.

My latest roping adventure took me to The Element, north of Austin.  It’s a private house and play party and they’re very rope positive – including some great trees in the backyard for natural suspension points.  Au naturel too if you’d like – who am I to judge?  🙂  Met many new faces and some old again – a great evening of conversation, rope, toy comparisons, and a few laughs along the way.  Recommended.

Below is a tie I did there with Sophie – she has some rope experience, but had never been suspended.  Not only did she want to be suspended, she wanted to be inverted; go big or go home I say.  If you think you’re ready to try, lets give it a go.   The tie was a basic TK, with the drum harness as the sole suspension point.  The ankle wrap is just to help support her legs while she’s upside down.  Aural support and photo by JakeKinbaku.