It’s all fun and games until…

Well we all know how that phrase starts and there are several endings to it – I got to see one of them one night. Preface for those who don’t know me: I’m a new rigger as of a few short months ago. (Long time fan, first time roper) I LOVE roping and everything about it, and I knew it was considered Edge Play and after last night I know it. I witnessed and aided in a partial fainting, which for me is a big thing, a wake up call for certain.

(I’m not using names because I think it’s irrelevant to this piece and their privacy concerns.)

The rigger and model were both well known to me and I’d worked with them each previously. The rigger is quite experienced and unofficially my mentor, though maybe doesn’t know it. The model is very comfortable around rope and capable of handling strenuous ties. The tie last night started out with a full TK/box tie which I’ve seen her in, and have applied to her myself. Then halfway though the application of a gunslinger harness she indicated to her Top that she was feeling some tightness. I saw some adjustments being made then was distracted for about 10 seconds as someone started to move some equipment for another scene. When I looked up they were both over by the table trying to get rope off of her. I got up to help and the Rigger said “Cut if off” – I instinctively reached for my back pocket for my safety shears only to realize they were in my bag (I wasn’t the one playing after all.) So I grabbed my rigging knife from my front pocket and within 10 or 15 seconds between the Rigger with  sheers and my knife we had her out. Fortunately she didn’t completely faint and kept talking through it.

I carried her into another room to lay her down and get her circulation going again. Cold towels (she was hot), ice water and a fan and the care of her Top helped bring her back to her normal smiling self in a matter of minutes. Regular checks throughout the evening indicated she was fine.

I had some chats with the Rigger after everything calmed down and she reminded me again that it’s Edge Play – I knew that, but this helped confirm that. Fortunately the model spotted early signs of a faint coming on in that 10 second window when I was distracted, and that’s when the Rigger without hesitation moved to sit her down and start freeing her.

I’m not happy any of it happened, but I’m glad to have experienced it. In hindsight I’m going to try to keep the following in mind. Once I step into the dungeon, to keep my safety sheers or safety knife on my person whether I’m playing or not. Keep checking on my bunny throughout and to stress to them to let me know of ANY early signs of danger. An extra set of hands pre-arranged to jump in if need be is always welcome. All in all everything worked out well with the only casualty being the Rigger’s homemade rope. And as she said, “It’s only rope”, not people.

Have fun, and be safe out there!