OctRoperFest 2012 – first look back

I’ve now had a chance to look back and reflect on what the highlights of my first major rope event were.

For certain the guerrilla bondage suspension was pretty darned awesome and the highlight for me.  I thank QuietSpot for volunteering to be tied in a TK and gunslinger, then be driven around in the back of a Suburban through Austin traffic with an itchy nose.   DallasKink’s classes were fun and informative enough to make us get out there and just do it.

I enjoyed the performances and getting to meet some folks I only knew from online (Mick and Dee Luvbight – very cool.)  Meeting CharlieB was a nice surprise too, as I didn’t know he was coming in from LA – he’s got a nice profile page btw.  I got to meet another rigger, Tyrus from New Orleans – hope to see him get in more ties at future events.  Mark Yu’s class was good – I enjoyed the armbinder class even if the initial cuff wasn’t always working.  It taught me above all to think and adapt; it’s my rope, my bunny, it might not always work the same as it does for others and that’s OK.  The Boss Bondage classes were good too – I’ve always enjoyed his classes even if I don’t necessarily do all he does – it reminds me that bottoms are pretty resilient and can take a fair bit when handled properly.

I didn’t know what to expect going into the event – next year I hope to make more of the events and bring more rope enthusiasts out to it.  Considering I’m in my freshman year of roping, I’m pretty happy with where I am, and have some ideas of where I’d like to be in another six months.  Good times.

Keep having knotty fun!